Mathematics, Analytics and Computing Entity
We apply Mathematics for a better tomorrow

We strive to create expertise in following areas of research

Scientific Computing

  • Design and analysis of Efficient numerical algorithms with stability and error analysis of various approximation methods for differential equations
  • Large scale scientific computation with industrial and scientific applications
  • Computability and Complexity Analysis
  • Serial and Parallel computinga
  • Numerical Linear Algebra

Number Theory and Algebra

  • Permutations and primitive roots
  • Gauss's conjecture on primitive roots
  • Sophie Germain prime and its generalisation
  • Symmetric Group S_n and Sudoku
  • Zero sum problems in finite groups

Digital Media Technologies

  • Data mining
  • Video and Image processing
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Artificial Neural Network
  • Machine Learning and Statistical Techniques

Open Source Software

  • Big Data Analytics platform using open source software
  • Creating awareness about Open source software in Academia
  • Creating expertise in scientific computing with open source software

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